Mixing Business with Faith - how to be on track in going after your dream once and for all!

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Raise your hand if you have ever been told that you're not good enough?! Not smart enough?! Not pretty enough?! Not talented enough to do the thing you want to pursue? Not college-educated enough to build that business?

Have you had people crash your dream and tell you that you're never going to do it because they simply believe you don't have what it takes and as a result, you've started to believe that too just by default?!

Maybe it's not anyone necessarily saying that you're not good enough- maybe you're the person saying that to yourself because you've been told that your WHOLE LIFE?!

... that you're not worthy or that you won't amount to anything!

Well, guess what?

That is not true. All of it. It's simply NOT TRUE!

Wanna know how I know?

Because there's a version of yourself that exists that far supersedes anyone else's opinion of you!

I'm serious.

You are better, more capable, better equipped to do that thing that you so wanna do but are too scared to lean into because of what other people think you can and cannot do!

There's a vision burning inside you of How your life could be, yet you are still afraid to access that vision and go for it. You're afraid to start that business, chasse after the dream and hustle for it!

You have this wish/dream, or whatever you wanna call it that's keeping you up at night, that's making you imagine: what if I were to try this thing out, how different would my life be?! 

There's something inside of you that's calling you to dream big, telling you to go for it - inspite of all the nay-sayers!

That's not your imagination running wild my friend. That's your calling beckoning you to step into the possibility of living your best life!

That inkling you have of what your life could be, is not there by chance or by mistake.
It's there to serve as a sign that 1) you are worthy of creating the life and business you desire to have; 2) you are absolutely good enough to do it, and 3) there is more to your life than just accepting less than you desire!
Because that is your calling - your reason why you exists!

Which then begs the question:
"why, then are you playing so small and not yet stepping into your calling and dream?!"

Why are you not going for it? And why are you not yet claiming your calling?!


Maybe you're not yet going for it because you've been told that you're not good enough for far too long, and to that I say: scratch that out of your belief-system because there's an antidote to that and that antidote is faith with a capital "F" my friend!

Faith that you are good enough to build that business and live your best life. 

Faith that yok are good enough to create wealth and be financially stable.

Faith that you're talented enough to create the platform which will change lives and put you on the map.

Faith that you're smart enough to use your qualifications to work for yourself and not someone else.

All that you have to do to mitigate feeling so unqualified and finally beat that imposter syndrome to the kerb once and for all is to lean into your dream and purpose and pursue that business and have faith while you're doing it. Mix FAITH into it a little bit and see what happens, I dare You! In fact, I double-dare you!

Take a chance and see what pursuing after your goals and dreams while keeping the faith looks like.

You don't have to be a believer already 

You just have to have decided that you've had enough trying to establish this thing on your own, and now it's time to enlist the help of God into your business growth strategy! 

Because He is ALL POWERFUL AND ALL KNOWING to the point that he'll give you the Pinterest strategy no blog post has ever given you before, or monetizing strategy that'll triple your current blog's money-making capacity because He's amazing like that. 

You'll plan to go asleep for the night and next thing you know , ta da!!!! You suddenly KNOW , I mean "KNOW" how to triple your email list/ or you suddenly get this super AWESOME IDEA with a capital "A" to create revenue streams like never before!

You'll be lying there in bed and you'll suddenly know exactly what your next move should be! All the confusion suddenly dissipating because God, yes God, has revealed to you what you should do next in order to grow your business!

That's what mixing Business (your Business) with Faith looks like.

Sounds amazing, doesn't it?!

How do you make sure that happens to you, you wonder? How can you make sure that you get the "ta da!!!!"  Moments too?!


You just need to invite Jesus into your life as your Lord and Saviour And repeat after me:
"Lord Jesus, I invite you into my life and into my business that I'm trying to build. I choose to believe that you died for me on the cross and by so doing took all of my sins away. From now on I declare that you are my Lord and Saviour And that everything I do with my life and my business, my calling, my vision for my life will be for your purpose into my life. I thank you in advance for all of the amazing things you're going to do in my life and in my business - including all the "ta da!!!" moments too.
In Jesus name I pray.

If you have just read that and believe every word you've said, congratulations, you have opted to live and do your business on purpose accord to God's will for your life.

You're probably thinking you should feel or look different because of it, but you won't. But something else different take place.

It won't be immediate. But slowly but surely your perspective will change, new opportunities will start to come in. You'll get new insight on what your next growth strategy should be, you'll want to know exactly what ground-braking strategy God has for you and your business growth, etc etc. - all because you've chosen to mix your business with faith. 

To show you that doing business with faith in God will be your best decision to date, here are 5 scriptures on success. 

PSALMS 37: 4
"Take delight in the Lord, He will give you the desires of your heart."

"Commit to the Lord whatever you do and He will establish your plans."

1 KINGS 2:3
"And observe what your Lord your God requires: walk in obedience to Him, and keep His decrees and commands, His laws and regulations, as written in the Law of Moses. Do this so that you may PROSPER IN ALL THAT YOU DO AND WHERE YOU GO."

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future."

"For the vision (your vision) awaits an appointed time. Though it lingers, wait for it, it will certainly come to pass and will not delay."

Now, if you're reading this and you don't have a business yet, but you've been grappling with the idea of finally turning that blog into a business, ( for real this time) and you are in serious need of a plan that'll help you map out HOW to do it, then my "Creative Biz Mastermind " is for you my lovely!
This is a 6-Week intensive mastermind designed to map out exactly how you're going to launch your blog into the Creative Business you desire and finally live your life on purpose. 

I can't wait to hear from you soon.

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