5 Important things to consider before turning your blog into a money-making business

Okay, so you've been at it for a while and you've finally decided to make money from your blog and create some sort of career from your passion, right?!

You want to knuckle down, focus, and make blogging a worthwhile task for yourself - and honestly, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that at all. Everyone that's in the blogging game is either doing it to turn it into a career and ultimately make money from it, or they will do so eventually. That's just how it is! And if we're being real here: Ideally, you  want to turn your blog into a profitable business  so that you can finally leave that soul-crashing 9-5 job and finally be financially independent and not have to be on the brink of poverty all the time having to borrow money month-in and month-out because your current wage just isn't cutting it, am I right?!


Well, here's the good news: it is completely possible for you to have a blog and turn it into a business that you will make from it.

But, before you do so, you need to know that there are  steps that you need to take well before you start trading and equally, there are things you need to consider before you can go ahead and say you've successfully launched a business from your blog! t's important to have to have a strategy in place - as in: you have to have a plan that's going to help you make money from your blog.

I'm talking about having a strategy in place that is going to lead to actually having amazing Revenue Streams that are Exclusive To Your Blog that will finally help you make the money you deserve to make and finally Turn Your Blog Into a Profitable Business!

Because the reason why you haven't been successful in turning your blog into a profitable business yet is because no one has shown you how to do it and do it right or, you've skipped some of the crucial steps!

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the best tips to build a business from a blog

So, what are the 5 most important things to consider before turning your blog into a money-making business?


What are you good at?

I know you want to have a successful business which you want to turn into an amazing Creative Business, but have you actually taken the time to consider exactly what it is you're good at?

What are your super-powers? What are you exceptionally good at that everyone around you always comments about? Is it designing beautiful graphics , is it making a post go viral on Facebook? is it taking awe-inspiring photographs of nature? or maybe you're an incredible cook and everyone looooves coming round to dinner at your house because your cooking is so great?

So, think about what it is you're exceptionally good at and most importantly how can you channel what you are good at towards having a blog that you can build a wildly successful business from?


What is your vision for your future business?
Again, I know you want to launch a Creative Business, but have you taken the time to REALLY think about what that would entail?

Have you thought about what kind of Creative Business you want to run and most importantly, what do you want to come out of your Creative Business? What difference do you want to make? What kind of people do you want to connect with through your business? What results will your business create?
Have you envisioned what having your business will look like or feel like? 
Because here's the thing about creating a vision for your business: it  will help you to create a goal to work towards which, in turn, will help you  create a clear business strategy that's going to help you achieve your goals.

So  get clear on the vision for your Creative Business and  let it be the blueprint for your growth strategy. 


If you already have a blog, what content does your current audience gravitate towards?

This is where you need to determine what content from your blog gets the most views - either via organic search or through advertising on your social platforms.
If you're not sure, just check your data analytics and determine what is the source of most of your blog traffic?
Because determining the most source of your traffic will help you know what to create in future so as to consistently increase your organic reach/website traffic and therefore increase your chances of successfully monetising your blog - because without traffic, you have little to zero chance of tuning your blog into a profitable business.

4) FOURTH CONSIDERATION: Revenue Streams -

Based on the data derived from where you get the most traffic from, you then need to consider which Revenue Streams will most be suitable to introduce to your blog in order to create and accelerate your income?!

Will it be ads, affiliate marketing, or will it be providing courses, webinars, offering design services, being a coach in your area of expertise, ie photographer/cook, etc. or creating and offering retreats

This consideration on revenue streams is crucial because that is the foundation of your income strategy for your business and therefore it can have an impact on whether or not you're successful in business 


Have you ensured that every web-page and content you've created on your blog is primed and optimised for helping you make money?

For example: does your blog take a visitor,(ie your prospective client) that land on your blog through a path that strategically leads them to finally taking the decision to make a purchase from you, enrol in one of your courses/webinars, or join you in your next retreat?!

Every content on your blog has to be strategically optimised to increase your chances of monetising your blog and running it into a fully fledged business!

So there you have it - the 5 Important things to consider before turning your blog into a money-making business!
Did you find these tips helpful or are you in the midst of making money from your blog and turning it into a profitable business?!

If so, get in touch I'd love to hear all about it :)


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