How To Increase Your Blog Traffic Using Evergreen Content Strategy. SEO Tips

So you've just recently launched your own blog, or you've been blogging for a while now but you feel like your content  is lacking traction among your readers  and, worse, your blog posts are falling flat as you're not gaining any  traffic from your content because you're still lacking that unique perspective & selling point that everyone keeps banging on about!

If so, you've come to the right place because today i wanna talk about why  evergreen content is essential to getting your blog off the ground and start seeing it succeed by increasing your blog traffic.

So what is evergreen content, you wonder?! 

Evergreen content is content which your blog is anchored upon and one that never goes out of date. It is content that is either 1) helpful; 2) entertaining; or 3) both and tends to be SEO rich and relevant even way after - I'm talking months or years after publishing it! 

The reason why you need to start thinking about creating evergreen content for your blog is that not only will it help  emphasize what your blog is about thereby strengthening your blog's branding and key message to your audience, it'll also be a strategic way to ensure increased blog traffic because the content  you create will remain most relevant even months or a year after you've hit publish! That will also help your blog move up on search engines whenever anyone searches for the keywords that your evergreen content is about!

Now, you may be thinking: that's all well and good, but what kind of posts are evergreen and what kinds are NOT evergreen?

Glad you asked!

Put it this way: anything that's seasonal, like Christmas, summer fashion, or political elections is considered not evergreen as they tend to trend for only a few months of the year. Whereas something that is helpful, informative, etc will always stay relevant as there's always someone looking for information.

That is why it's considered good content marketing to  create evergreen content as it's a fantastic way to optimise your content for search engines and increase the odds of gaining new traffic.

And here's 5 evergreen content ideas that you could incorporate in your content strategy to not only boost your SEO but also your branding and key message for your blog in a way that'll start helping increase your monthly traffic.

How To Increase Your Blog Traffic Using Evergreen Content Strategy. SEO Tips



To anyone that isn't familiar with this term, listicles refer to articles that contain within them a list as part of the overall content/article.

The great thing about listicles is that they inform the reader in digestible spans and help retain reader attention and makes reading them less monotonous compared to essays! 

examples of a listicle could be something like: "5 Reasons Why You Should Travel To Dublin City."  or "Top 10 Destinations For Your Gap Year."


Top tips articles are quite similar to listicles in their structure as they tend to list some of the content in a numerical/chronological order!

Examples of top tip articles could be: "Best Ways  To Create An Instagram Theme And Improve Your Personal Brand" which I published a while back!


These are the holy grail of evergreen content because they are information-rich whilst being super relevant.
Instructional how-to's generally take the reader on a step by step process to doing something and that is what makes them fundamentally evergreen as their main aim is to impart information which then helps in growing your blog traffic stats. 

Examples of instructional how -to's would be content like "How To Narrow Down A Niche For Your Blog;"
OR "How To Monetize Your Blog With Affiliate Marketing Programs And Increase Your Blog Income." that we published a while ago!


Tutorials are like instructional how-to's, but slightly different as they are generally;  more in depth and pack tons of information.

A tutorial content is primarily to teach the reader/viewer something that they wouldn't have known and its usually given by someone with vast amounts of experience regarding a specific subject.
That's why e-mail courses, webinars, you tube vlogs, etc are a great example of tutorials.

A great example of a tutorial would be this email course on "How To Apply For A Job When You Have No Previous Work Experience."


These are exactly what you think they are. Product reviews are particularly perfect for bulking up your evergreen content strategy and can be ideal for almost any blogging niche, like beauty blogs, gadget/tech blogs, fashion, travel blogs, food blogs - I mean, the list goes on.

Examples of product reviews don't necessarily;y have to be reviewing product per se! It could be reviewing a hotel you've visited, or a restaurant you've eaten from,  a recipe by another chef/cook  or  even a service provided like "5 Reasons Why Buffer Is The Best For Beginner Bloggers And I Love It So Much!

I mean, the ideas are endless if you want to beef up your evergreen content with product reviews!

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And there you have it! The 5 Evergreen Content Ideas That You Can Incorporate To Increase Your Blog Traffic!

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