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Who here is feeling the chill in the air all of a sudden? I'm not sure if it's just me, or if withstanding Ex-Hurricane Ophelia yesterday has kind of made me a little less resilient to cooler weather, but I woke up this morning definitely feeling the chill in the air for sure, and as a result, grabbed my chunky knit for that instant warmth and comfort! 

It's crazy what this weird weather can do to you, hey?!

One minute it's warm and sunny, and the next the whole country is forced into a complete halt as we were all bracing ourselves for Ex-Hurricane Ophelia here in Ireland!

But I'm glad to report that even though there were considerable structural damage incurred, and,of course, still saddened by the unprecedented  loss of lives (3 victims), we all came out of it a bit unscathed, as compared to what has happened in other countries due to these insane hurricanes!

So with the weather increasingly transitioning from sunny summer into chilly autumnal weather, I'm thinking that it's definately time to take those transitional pieces out of the closet and put them to good use again -  and  that's where the chunky knit comes in!

And today I'm looking to Pro- Fashion Bloggers for a bit of  fashion inspo', because if there's anyone who knows how to wear a chunky knit and still make it look effortlessly stylish, it's those Pro Fashion Bloggers.

So take a look below for that much-needed fashion inspo!

photo Dulceida
The simplest way to wear a chunky knit during this transitional weather is to take a white chunky knit and team it up with black skinnies and a black jacket so as to let the white chunky knit stand out as your hero piece!

I love the way that Dulceida from has styled her white chunky knit!
photo Dulceida
She kept everything simple by going for a monochrome colour palette! So pairing it with those black leatherette skinnies and a black bomber jacket was kind of a practical yet stylish option!
photo Dulceida
Though I have to say, this would've been just another ordinary outfit had she not opted for the accessories she chose!
Love the hat! Its a a very fashion-focused,yet practical accessory for sure,especially in this unpredictable autumnal weather we've been experiencing as of late!


Another way to wear a chunky knit is to stick to the monochrome theme, but this time go for  the "All Black Everything" look  with an oversized chunky knit like Lee Parrino from did!
An oversized  knit has been in vogue for at least the last 2 years and for good reason!
It's a practical option to wear for those baltic winter days, but it's also rather appropriate for this chilly autumnal weather - just don't wear the oversized wool coat like Lee did - save it for when you really really need it!

To style an oversized knit,you can either treat it as a dress and wear thick tights/stockings underneath it, or you can style it the Pro-Blogger way, and pair it with black leatherette skinnies, and black leather ankle boots for that seamless look which is sure going to elongate you and make you look tall(er)! 


And there you have it! Your guide to styling AND wearing your chunky knits this weekend!

But tell me, which of these two ways to styling your chunky knit did you like?

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