Here's How To Find The Perfect Career Path by Asking Yourself These 5 Critical Questions

Wouldn't it be lovely to grow up in life, go to school, and finish college knowing exactly what it is you intend to do with your life?! To have a plan in place to guide you through your school subjects, interests to pursue, hobbies to nurture, and skills to hone?!

I mean, that would just be the most ideal situation ever to go through life because that way, you wouldn't have to second-guess yourself weather or not you've picked the right school to attend, chose the right course to study, or  worry about what career path to choose, because you'd have it all figured out from the get-go!

But of course, you and I both know that that's not how life works out sometimes.
So what do you do then if you're still wrecking your head over which career path to pursue?
Well, you can start by asking yourself these 4 questions to uncover the best career path for you.

What do I enjoy doing?
This may be a  straight forward question, and perhaps, may be silly too, but determining what it is you enjoy doing is key to unlocking the path to your ideal job.
So list all of those things that always bring out the most joyful you!

What are my key strengths?
Knowing  what you're good at should make it easy for you to choose an ideal, if not, suitable career path for yourself.
So take  note of those things that you're good at or that everyone keeps praising you for because they may be the key to unlocking the path to your perfect career!

What do I have experience doing?
Even though you may have experience in something totally unrelated to what you eventually want to do with your life, considering your past work experiences is still very much important as it will help you see if there are any transferable skills  you  could  use on taking a leap from your part-time job straight into a proper career.

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Based on my interests, key strengths, and previous work experience, what career path is there for me to follow?
Amalgamating your strengths, interests, and previous experiences will help guide you to a possible career path you might really enjoy.
So list all the possible career/jobs you could apply for and see which ones jump out at you the most.

What additional skills or requirements will I need to launch my new career path?
After determining what sort of career path you'd like to pursue, the final thing to do is to determine what, if any, are the additional requirements needed for working in your ideal career.
So determine if whether or not you'll need a 4 year degree, or a portfolio of works, or would hard core experience suffice in order to work in your ideal job, because there's no point in going for a job you're not fully qualified in practicing.

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  1. It's SO important to be able to confidently speak to your own strengths - I'm always surprised at how many people aren't able to yet!

    Coming Up Roses

  2. I totally agree Erica! Your strengths are always a good indication of what career path to choose. So being aware of them is key for sure!

    P.S. thank you for taking the time to leave your lovely comment - Lindsay.x

  3. All super spot on questions that are HUGE!

  4. Hey Summer�� Yeah I know! So glad you think these questions are spot on!
    Btw Thanks for your lovely comment��x

  5. Really great questions to ask! Wish I would've had this advice when I first went to college!!

  6. Hey @Jos A I know what you mean - knowing these questions when I first finished college would've mean so handy because I'm not doing what I studied in college. Anyway, Hope you're happy in the career path you ultimately decided to go with:)

  7. So glad you think so @Ruthie Ridley :)