Spring/Summer '17 is well and truly on the way and a new form of power dressing has emerged!
Last yeah Toni Maticevski unveiled his ss17 collection, and boy, was it a feast for the eyes -
particularly because of the way this collection just seemed to effortlessly champion female power dressing, which happened to be such perfect timing for such a collection because  I think you'll agree that gone are those days when women in powered positions or indeed the corporate world had to adhere to the corporate world uniform of that typical grey pant suit in hopes of appearing equal to their male counterparts.
Nowadays, that perception of work wear seems to be slowly abating, and that's all thanks to designers like Toni Maticevski.
He's a much celebrated Australian designer who's designs typically feature volume, exaggerated forms and not to mention unconventional silhouettes, which, could otherwise be misconstrued as unwearable. but such is not the case for his ss17 line up!
It is fierce, current, and very much caters to your 21st century #GirlBosses everywhere!
For me, Maticevski ss17's collection  very much changes the aesthetic of power dressing for the modern woman everywhere! 
His ss17's collection offers an alternative to what we  currently expect work wear to be like, and his designs pushes the proverbial envelop ever so slightly!
I'm talking exaggerated waist lines, juxtapositioning of drapery and tailored forms, and voluminous silhouette.
Varied silhouettes that are  bold, edgy, feminine, and with tons amounts of chic are cleverly featured in this ss17 line up!
This is the kind of design that beckons, if not allow women to be women, play up to their femininity and still kick ass in the boardroom while looking ever so chic!
And the thing I like most about Toni Maticevski's ss17 line up?!


It's the restraint color pallette, the exquisite tailoring and it's wearability!
This is a collection that the everyday girl can easily wear and integrate  into their wardrobe.

So kudos to Maticevski for delivering something for everyone and changing the language of female power dressing!

I, for one, salute you!
For more info on this collection, you can visit Toni Maticeski's site HERE..

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