Ever wanted to become a blogger but stopped yourself because you didn't think it was a viable career move, or indeed, even a steady way to make an income?! 

Well I've got news for you: blogging is no longer the thing you do on your spare time  to share your innermost thoughts with your friends and family, but rather, it's evolved into  being a sought after skill for most creative careers these days - think Marketing Communications, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, PR, Communications, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Management, I mean the list goes on and on! Which is why 2017 is set to be the ideal time to get on the blogging bandwagon, especially if you want to start establishing a creative career either as a blogger or something else creatively. 

And here's why...
Blogging will help boost your resume, stat!
Being a blogger means you'll have to master so many skills and techniques beyond just writing and hitting "post"! You'll have to know a bit about CSS, HTML, basic  Design skills, Digital Marketing skills, etc which is wonderful, especially for boosting your resume. But the other good reason why taking up blogging in 2017 will boost your career is that  you will automatically be  equipped  with  3 of the Top 6 Skills That will Get You Hired In 2017,  such as: Content Writing, Social Media Marketing & Management, and SEO!  Which should drastically increase your chances of being employed.

Blogging will open-up new opportunities to follow other career paths
Given that being a blogger automatically equips you with other career advancing skills in the process, like social media skills, digital marketing skills, content writing & strategy  skills, it makes it easier for you to create other employment opportunities for yourself, particularly if you haven't got the basic 4 year degree (sometimes) or even the right work experience for the role. What blogging does is: it will give you a platform to hone your skills to a point that  you're able to use it as a career-advancing tool.
So if you want to start cultivating a new career in 2017, I'd suggest getting on the blogging bandwagon, stat!

Blogging is a great way to start your entrepreneurial career
After blogging for some time, you'll start to want to make money and generate some income from your blogging efforts, which is only natural given how much of your time will already be going into blogging as it is. By then you'd  have already harnessed a stream of steady followers, made some few blogging buddies, and your marketing efforts will now be bearing fruit, which will be an ideal time to start thinking about making a steady income from your blog as you would have created a great platform for yourself  to kick start  generating some revenue by offering services, courses, worksheets, etc at a price, which is fantastic for anyone looking to ditch the mundane 9-5 in hopes of working for themselves!

For certain industries, blogging can help you land the job, especially if you have no notable work experience

Blogging can be another great way to showcase your other skills, particularly if you're hoping to land a job in a creative industry as you can cleverly use your blog as an extension of your resume. You can use it to showcase your portfolio works, to establish yourself as a thought-leader in your industry, or to even show a prospective employer that you posses serious initiative as an employee because let's face it,  running a blog be grueling at the best of times! So depending on what you're blogging about, blogging can be a great tool to advance your career for sure!

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So over to you now, do you have other ways you'll be planning to use your blog  to advance your career in 2017?
Let us know in the comment section below.

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