Happy New Year you guys! We hope you enjoyed an amazing festive period! But I hope you're also ready to start 2017 with a bang!

So given that it's a New Year, for some, that could also mean new beginnings! Especially anyone that's been dreaming of embarking on  starting a blog, either for fun,  or as a side project, or indeed a brand new career altogether! 
Well you're at the right place because our theme for our January Content is dedicated to all things blogging!
So with that in mind, myself and the team here at Faithfully Me  have worked tirelessly to bring you fresh content geared towards helping  new bloggers to really hit the ground running in your blogging career for 2017!

So expect to read helpful articles like "5 Reasons Why Blogging Will Kick-start & Boost Your Career in 2017" , and if you're still not sure about the benefits of blogging, we'll be sharing "5 Benefits of Being A Blogger in 2017", the aim of this article being to  convince the uninitiated how awesome and career-advancing blogging truly is, especially as blogging is set to be a huge skills to have in 2017, particularly for those of you who are looking for new career prospects! Which is why we'll also be sharing tips on  "How To Blog Your Way To A New Career"

And because we know that you might have some questions that need answering, we'll be sharing "Serious Advice for newbie bloggers straight from 5 Seasoned Bloggers" that are killing it in the blogosphere!

And if that's not all, we'll also be sharing the "The Must Have FREE Blogger Template Designs for 2017" which might come in handy for any newbie blogger who doesn't quite have the budget for splurging on  a designer blog template quite yet, which is why we'll also be giving away a Complete Blog Branding Package for FREE to help you make your blog and associated social media channels look super professional!
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And lastly, because we know how important it is to have an established niche for complete blogging success, we've designed a "How To Discover Your Blogging Niche Worksheet" which we'll be giving away for FREE as part of subscribing to our mailing list.

So here's to all you Newbie Bloggers out there  achieving complete blogging success in 2017!

Is there anything that we missed which  you'd like us to share with you this coming January???

Let us know in the comments section below.

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