Oh baby it's cold outside... And you know what that means?!

Time to start thinking about  bringing some festive cheer into your home.  I'm talking
beautiful Christmas trees, decadent garlands, and picture-perfect tablescapes, but with a twist!

Christmas  chic is all about getting creative this holiday season by incorporating non traditional hues into your color palette that will elevate your decor to the next level, and
the trick to mastering this Christmas decor is simple - Simply forgo the traditional Christmas color palette and say hello to  Black and White with just a hint of metallic shades!

1.First, remember that less is more!  
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That means paired down Christmas decorations ornaments, plain garlands, bare wreaths, and almost non existent ornamental decor on that Christmas tree.

2. Choose one statement metallic shade as an accent color.
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The trick is to pick one color and stick to it. Gold, silver or copper are your go to metallic shades. But remember, keep it simple - it's more chic that way and less

3. Plain paper is your go-to choice for wrapping those presents.
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So instead of your typical Christmas themed wrapping paper, go for an understated, but eternally chic plain black  parcel paper. and jazz it up with some string to tie some luggage tags and finish it off with fresh rosemary sprigs. Add some luggage tags to make it more personal. Alternatively, you can use a plain white paper as an alternative wrapping paper for some contrast.

4. Choose a statement black table setting
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That means a simple black table cloth accented by white crockery will do the trick! Jazz it up with some greenery here and there for a much more Christmas feel.

5. Opt for white Xmas tree ornaments
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This is a much more refreshing way to decorate your xmas tree and not to mention, eternally chic!

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