You guys, we all know how  super expensive winter coats can be these  days- I mean... the cost of a coat nowadays can easily equate to an entire week's, and to be honest, that can be hard to justify sometimes ! But trust me, forking out money on a good, timeless coat, which, is quite easily  an investment you simply can't afford not to make!

And wait till you see what I've rounded up for you 'cause you're gonna want/need/ or heck, even love at least one of these coats because  not only are you gonna fall in love with this coat selection, you're definitely going to want to add at least one of these gorgeous style  statements to your  winter wardrobe - stat!  They are classic and timeless AND they'll be the perfect addition to any  outfit you'll be wearing this coming festive season trust me.

Don't believe me?! Well take a look for yourself...

First up, we have the classic trench coat. Although it's not your typical heavy winter coat, it package a punch in the style stakes all the while making it easier to keep warm in the winter months by all won't you to seriously layer up underneath it. This is always one of my go-to pieces in my wardrobe for sure!

There's something about the Cape that instills a sense of femininity 
Fair enough this double-breasted one is reminiscent of a stoic military coat,  but nevertheless, it still has an air of sophistication and femininity about it, almost  alá Carrie Bradshaw!

For me, nothing says classic beauty than a stunning, double-breasted winter coat. 
It's beautiful and fierce both in equal measure and that's what makes it an amazing piece to add to any girls wardrobe.
I mean, to say that I'm in love with a  longline coat would be a sheer understatement!

Nothing says lux and cosy better than a gorgeous faux fur coat! The camel tones make it ever so chic and sophisticated - especially during those snowy winter days! Throw it over an all white Christmas ensemble and you've got yourself  a stunning outfit. Or,  equally, it can easily be the perfect accompaniment to a jeans & top outfit combo! 

So... now that you've seen my winter coat edition, which one was your favorite? Let me know in the comments section below.

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