To say that culottes and off the shoulder tops are the hottest trend of the season would be an understatement given how ubiquitous they are! 

I mean, you only have to open an issue of Vogue or check out a Fashion Bloggers' latest #OOTD  to know that: yeah, actually, this trend is here, and it's here to say!

So the question remains: "How do ordinary girls (like you and I) style these fashion must-haves in a way that'll flatter us and really look good?" 


You just need to take some serious style notes from the prolific  Amy Jackson of course!

Amy's the super talented Fashion Blogger behind  Fashion Jackson Blog; a dual composite blog of fashion beauty and major style inspiration!

So what better person  to be taking Fashion Tips and Inspo from than the talented Amy?!

And that's who we're gonna be taking some must-needed Fashion tips from today; because Lord knows we need them.


She took an otherwise unassuming  pair of culottes and paired it with an equally unassuming off the shoulder top in one of her #OOTD 's which was a brilliant way to style these fashion must-haves. But that wasn't it. 

She then went a step further and added an amazing pair of lace-up heels which brought this #OOTD to another level; I mean, those lace-ups  are to die for!

And of course, the piece de resistance of this otherwise unassuming #OOTD being that YSL beauty.  

I mean, I don't know about you guys; but I'm definitely taking style notes for sure because this is how you take an ordinary pair of culottes and an ordinary top and create somethinbg utterly magnificent!

Don't believe me, well take a peak below and see for yourself. 

This is an "outfit perfection," and a definite style moment for Amy for sure! 

I'm in love with this #OOTD! 

Aren't you?

So what was your favourite part of this gorgeous #OOTD? Was it those gorgeous lace-up heels? Or that YSL beauty? Let us know in the comments section below.

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