Ever filled out loads of online job postings that you were so sure you'd get a call back from? But then hours, days, and even weeks went by without even getting a single email acknowledging the receipt of your resume?! And so you felt like you were doing something wrong, or worse, you felt like you were utterly unqualified in your line of work which resulted in you feeling a tiny bit disheartened and wondering if you'll ever get a job?!

But before you loose all hope in ever getting a job again, there may be a few things you weren't aware of that may have been the cause of you not getting any sort of reply from your numerous online job application which

So, we've done some research of our own here at 'Faithfully Me' HQ and have compiled these 5  top reasons why you never got any reply from your online job applications.

Reason Number 1: The Job Was Already Taken!
Often online job postings are just a way for hiring managers to claim they’ve looked at lots of applicants when, in fact, they have already decided in advance on an internal hire.

Reason Number 2: You Were Under-Qualified!
You did not have the precise skills that the job advertisement listed under job requirements, which meant that your resume didn't even get to be seen by the hiring manager at all because  it was disregarded by the online automated tracking systems designed to  screen resumes for specific keywords relating to the job requirements.

Reason Number 3: You Sent A Vague Resume!
You failed to target your resume to the specific job advertisement which made your resume seem too generalized and not at all related to the actual job posting. So your failure to  tailor your resume and cover letter directly for the job in question cost you the call-back.

Reason Number 4: Company Budget Cuts!
Unfortunately there are  times when a job is posted and then a budget cut ensues within the company and the position is then eliminated before it’s been filled because the company can no longer afford a new hire.

Reason Number 5: You Lacked A Personal Network!

It's sad to say, but sometimes it's not what you know, but rather, who you know that matters most in securing employment!
 Meaning that  your lack of a personal network to help you find a contact inside the company where you are applying for actually  put you at a serious disadvantage because you did not have someone putting in a "good word for you" behind the scenes, hence the reason why  you did not get a  call back from that online job application.

So there you have it! There 5 reasons why you didn't get a reply from that online job application.

So over to you now! Does knowing these reasons help you in advancing your chances of landing a call-back after sending an online job application? Let us know in the comments section below.

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