A couple years ago you enrolled into a  4 year degree programme that you knew deep down just wasn't what you wanted do with your life,  but you felt compelled to pursue it anyway  because 1) the college prospectus said that  you'd be guaranteed to be making a ton amount of money once you graduate  2) the thought of being a doctor, an engineer, an accountant, or whatever it is you were hoping to be sounded super impressive, or 3) you were doing it to just please your parents who've always dreamt of you being a doctor/lawyer/account, and because of that,  they selflessly used their retirement money to pay for you tuition fees just so they could see their little girl finally become that doctor/lawyer/account they always wanted you to be; or whatever it is your parents lovingly coerced you into pursuing! 

So, you then felt guilty about it and therefore promised to pay them back as soon as you graduate and get a job, but deep down all you wanted to do with your life is to be a Fashion Buyer,  a Novelist or even a Singer. 

So four years went-by, you graduated, got your degree, which, as it turns out, your parents took for
themselves just so they could proudly hang it onto their living room wall for everyone to see - which was great! But you never walked into that high -flying job the prospectus promised you would land into once graduated  because guess what? We were smack bang in the middle of the recession and jobs were scarce those days to the point that the only way to get onto that career ladder is to know someone who knows someone who is related to the HR Manager's cousin thrice removed who could hopefully put in a "good word" for you and help  you  get that elusive interview, which, as you knew well enough, still didn't guarantee you getting a job by the way! And all the while, time is running-by, you're getting older, and there's still no sign of that job the college prospectus promised  you'd walk-into once you graduate! And you know what the funny thing is?! You have this other passion, this other skill and unique talent that is so unparalleled that everyone always compliments  you for it and wonders why you didn't pursue it for a career instead?!  And to be honest, you've asked yourself that very question while you were wondering why things weren't working out for you like the rest of your  peers who just seem so happy in their new jobs! But here's the thing: you were missing the point of it all!

You weren't supposed to be a lawyer, a doctor, an account, or whatever it is you enrolled into - already knew by the way!

What you were supposed to be and do with your life  is that thing you've always wanted to do ever since you could remember but failed to do because of wanting to please your parents or because of wanting to make a ton amount of money or even because of wanting to sound impressive to your friends and family. What you were supposed to do is that thing you've always dreamt about ever since you were little. Yes, that thing that just popped into your head! That's what you were born to.
Which begs the question: What are you gonna do about it? And better yet, why are you wasting time pursuing something you've known just wasn't what you were meant to be doing in the first place???

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