So here's the thing: valentines day is fast approaching and all of your girl pals have plans this weekend because, guess what? They all have significant others, so they're busy planning their itinerary for the weekend.

I mean, don't get me wrong, being single is nothing to feel gloomy about because it is no doubt the single greatest time for any twenty-something single girl out there,  and indeed even a girl in her thirties!

You  can come and go as you please. Buy as many shoes as you can possibly fit in your closet and not have to justify them to anyone, PLUS... you are free to lie in bed starfish-style without having to worry about taking-up to much space for your significant other.

But when it comes to facing valentines alone, that's when it gets a bit murky, you know, 'cause all of your friends that you'd usually be hitting town with and sipping  those delicious cocktails with will all be loved up with their significant other's and the only thing on their minds will be "do I wear that black elegant dress for my date with my BF/ Fiance / or Hubby? Or do I wear that sexy red dress that I've just bought especially for the occasion?" Whereas you're left wondering: "What's a girl to do this weekend?"

Well, worry no more my single friend, 'cause here's what you can do and do it all to your heart's content.

Hit The Spa At The Marker Hotel!
Talk about my favorite thing to do, ever! A day at the spa is always a surefire way to get you to relax and really treat yourself to something truly  special.
But if you wanna do it in style, I'd highly recommend you go to The Marker Hotel in Dublin's Docklands and definitely opt for the Urban Escape Package where you'll be guaranteed total sanctuary in the City, while making sure you're being pampered to your heart's content all in the Marker's wellness space that  encourages total escape from the pace of everyday city life. 
Although, be warned because this won't come cheap. Prices start at €529 for an overnight stay in a Deluxe Room, so do check out the Hotel's site for more info.

Go Shopping In Grafton Street!
Nothing gives you an instant gratification like spending your hard-earned cash on something fab' to wear, especially while doing it in one of Dublin's historic principal shopping streets available - Grafton Street.
I'd recommend you start with Topshop at the top of Grafton Street and work your way down to River Island, and then, once that's done, head over to Alfies on South William's Street, just off Grafton Street  for a superb Sunday Brunch, and maybe even sneak-in a little cheeky cocktail  while you're at it. Go for the Strawberry Daiquiri, Alfies always serves a delicious daiquiri.

Keep It Irish And Hit The Pub
Garner up any of your remaining single gal pals and hit the pub. I mean what's the point of being in Ireland if you're not gonna adhere to the Irish  ways anyways?! But the thing is not to go to just "any", I'm talking Rody Bolands in Rathmines, or  'Rody's' as it's also affectionately known among its regular punters.
And while you're there, don't forget to order the obligatory pint of Guinness because  Rody's  Bar Staff really know how to pull a good pint of Guinness. But if not, then keep it classy and order Rody's signature cocktail, the "Rody's Cosmopolitan", it's citrussy, refreshing, and not to mention Yummy! Alternatively I'd go for the "Rody's Staff Favourite", It's a delicious concoction of Prosecco, Apple Schnapps and Grenadine, talk about utter deliciousness!

Stay In And Watch A Movie
 If nothing on this list tickles your fancy then I guess it means it's time to pull-out the big guns, by that I mean: that Bridget Jone's Diary DVD we all have stashed somewhere in our apartments and one we've all watched  like a million times. So what's a million and one times matter anyway?! 
This is a "chick Flick" with a capital 'C' and it  never fails to disappoint, mainly because it's so relatable  to like almost every girl out there, but also because it has a happy ending! 
So this is one that will definitely keep you entertained while you sip your glass of wine and nibble on your popcorn.

So Happy Weekend To You!

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