Resume Writing: What to do before hitting 'send' on your resume. | Job Application | Resume  Writing Tips | Career Advice | By Lindsay L. Malatji
You're now  a couple days into scouring the net for that dream job, and low and behold;  you've finally find "the one." You know what I'm talking about?! That job that you know in your bones was totally  meant for you! I mean,  you've even had a "vision" about it, PLUS your star sign says "hey, this is the month when you  get that dream  job!" So naturally, you then decide to apply for the job because, hey, star signs don't lie, right?!

Well, before you send off that resume of yours in complete excitement, make sure you  at least go through our checklist before hitting send!

Resume Writing: What to do before hitting 'send' on your resume. | Job Application | Resume  Writing Tips | Career Advice | By Lindsay L. Malatji

1) Your Contact Details
Double check if your contact info is correct. This is crucial in ensuring that you'll at least give yourself a fair chance in making sure that you do get that much-anticipated call for an interview in the event that you're suitable for the job.

2) Spelling and Grammar 
Proofread your resume and make sure there aren't any grammatical errors

3) Is your resume tailor made for the job?
 Tailor your resume specifically to the job requirements. There is no "one size fits all" in resume writing and job applications. So, do not use the same resume you used for the last couple job applications because chances are, each and every one of those job requirements will be totally different from another, therefore requiring a different take in the application process even though the job tittle may be the same. So, make sure your resume is tailor made!
4. Did you illustrate your suitability for the job? 
Make it a point to illustrate your suitability to the job as a candidate by using the same buzz words in your resume that the job advertisement  used in the job advertisement. This will not only help make you appear as a more suitable candidate,  but it will also help bring you closer to that coveted interview by fast tracking your resume past the resume reading machine system and onto the hands of the Hiring Manager.

5) What name did you give your resume file?
What file name did you give to your resume. 
Instead of naming it: "my resume",  why not call it after yourself,  that way the Hiring Manager knows who this resume belongs to right off the bet, which will help make you easily identifiable and will also help  save the Hiring Manager’s time.

And that's it! Your 5 Point Checklist before sending off that resume!

Over to you now. What are some of the things you do before sending off your resume? Leave your comments below because we'd like to know.

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