THE 5 QUESTION GUIDE DESIGNED TO HELP YOU FIND YOUR PATH IN LIFE - And how to use it to establish a career for yourself

We've all been  there,  laid awake all night because we just can't get rid of an all consuming, possibly life-altering question of your life:  you know what I'm talking about, the
"What am I Supposed To be Doing With My Life?" Question; Or the  

"Is this the right college course for me?" Question;   and even the 
"What can I  do with my life other than what I'm doing at the moment?" Question. 
And the reason why you've been obsessing over that question is that you have a feeling that what you're currently doing for a living just isn't quite what you ought to be doing with your life at all, and the annoying thing is: you're still not sure of  exactly what it is  you need to be doing with your life in order to bring some sort of meaning and perhaps even  a bit of passion to it, hence the late night questions; right?!
Well, as someone who's managed to crack the code to those life-altering questions, I'm here to provide you with the help you need for you to do the same, but buckle up because this is going to require a bit of "due diligence" on your part if you are to crack the code too!
This method to "crack the code" is two-fold! First, there's a Part A, were you'll be discovering exactly what your personal legend is; as in: that thing you were born to do. And then there's Part B were  I guide you with questions designed to help you figure out what career to follow based on the answers you provided in Part A.
So, without further ado, let's begin!


So to begin, here's a quick exercise for you:

Exercise A:
Think of something you've always wanted to do but never really got around to doing it yet!
Is it travelling? Volunteering? Building houses for the homeless? Finding a job in fashion? Writing a book? Whatever it is, take a mental note of it, or better yet, write it down because this will help lay the path to your purpose.

Exercise B:
Or think of that thing that you're so good at that everyone always commends you for it and wonders why you won't pursue it as a career instead of what you're doing now! 
That thing could simply be being good with numbers? Being good with computers? Being good with recipes? Being good with cars...  Again, whatever that is,  take note of it and write it down.

Exercise C:
Or think of a problem that currently exists in your workplace, your neighborhood, your community, and heck, even in the world,  which you feel so strongly about that you have this inexplicable need to solve.
It could be solving  homelessness? Solving Illiteracy in adult population? Solving Child Poverty? Improving Living standards in third world countries? Decreasing the lack of environmental stewardship  in household practices?
Again, whatever that is, take note of it and write it down.
Because whatever it is that you've come up with in Exercise A, B OR C, might very well be your personal legend! You know... That  thing you're supposed to be doing with your life. 
But if that still doesn't help clarify it enough for you,  try these 5 questions that are specifically designed to  help guide you to that oh-so-important answer to the "What-am-I -supposed-to-be-doing-with-my-life" question
Question 1:
What have you always been compelled to do? Ever since you were young, what have you always aspired to do or be?
Is it working with young disadvantaged children in order to help make their lives better? r it is being an artist? A singer? A dancer?
Whatever it is, take a note of it and write it down.

Question 2:
 Then determine what are you good at? What do you do brilliantly that has actually caused those who know you comment on it and applaud you for it.
Is it your sense of style and fashion? styling?  Is it  public speaking abilities ? Is it cooking? Or Design maybe? Write it down

Question 3:

Then determine what do you do that gives you the most joy - almost institutionally?
Is it helping others? Is it being super organised? It is designing and creating something from scratch? Is it problem-solving?

Question 4:
Then determine what do you happily do for other people?  What do you usually go out of your way to do for someone else? What  would  you spend countless hours working on in order that someone other than yourself  may benefit from it?

Is it  happily creating beautifully illustrated graphics to be used for marketing campaigns for that small local  businesses in order that they may increase their sales?

Or is it going through someone's written work so as to fix possible grammatical errors and help make their written work  appear to be of a professional standard?

Or would it be happily giving life altering advice to friends and family in order to help them make better decisions in their lives? 

Question 5:
What's the number one thing you value the most?

Now here's the important bit: After you've determined all of these questions,  look out for the most common denominator in the answers you've given to these 5 questions. 
Is it design, giving advice, problem-solving? Teaching? Singing, Dancing,  Organizing, etc. because that common denominator is your clue to finally establishing a purpose-filled career for yourself

For example, here's my answers to these 5 questions, and in them, you'll see that my most common denominator is Design, Writing, and helping others. Taker a look at them and this will help clarify your answers to these questions: 

My answers to question 1 till question 5 are:.
My Answer to Question 1 is: To Paint
My Answer to Question 2 is: I'm good at designing, fashion & personal styling, writing, and teaching others.
My Answer to Question 3 is: Designing and creating something from scratch, writing, plus helping others, particularly women, by giving them advice.
My Answer to Question 4 is:  A) designing marketing collateral to be used by my husband's businesses; B) Designing Corporate Brand Identities for a close relative's new business venture; C) Editing my husband's business proposal works.
My Answer to Question 5 is: Self-fulfillment,
Therefore, based on this answers, I could easily pursue a career in Marketing & Communications, Communications and Media,  Graphic Design, Design of either interiors, architectural,  print &/or digital, Blogging, & writing, or teaching.

This is the part were you learn how to Establish A Career Doing What You Love by expanding on the answers you've given in Part A of this exercise.

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Question 1:
If money wasn't an issue and you were given the ability to design the perfect job in which you could do the thing you love the most and help make a difference both in your life and others, what would that job look like and what would it entail?
Begin your answer with "My job would be ________________________ and in it I would be doing __________________ and  ____________________________ and ______________________ in  order to help _______________________ bring about a positive change."

Question 2:
What are the  industry requirements that I need in order to  find myself working in that field and doing the thing I love the most?
Is it previous  work experience? A solid portfolio? Or would a basic aptitude do the trick?

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Question 3:
What is it gonna take for me to make that happen?
Is it a getting industry experience? Making a career-change and opting to take a low-paying job in order to get you foot in the door of were you eventually see yourself working and making a difference? Or is it setting-up a side hustle in order to build your experience and portfolio whilst you keep the job you have because you've got bills to pay?

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Question 4:
How much time am I willing to give myself in order to make it all happen?
This is crucial in definitely ensuring that you ultimately find yourself living out your purpose and having a meaningful if not, purpose-filled career you love. because all of that you've discovered in taking part in this exercise will ultimately mean nothing if you don't take the initiative to ensure that it actually happens, 'cause you know what they say: "Dreams won't work unless you do!"
So this is were you need to make a solid plan, and one that's realistic enough to keep, in order to work on making bring about your purpose to life!

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