Today I'm all about a gorgeously modern Brand Identity belonging to Eleanor Finch,  a female photographer from the North-West of the UK who makes no apologies for being a female photographer that mainly caters to the female demographic, and that's cleverly been put across by picking a quite feminine choice of color, Pink! I mean, it can't get any girlier than that, can it?!
But what I really love about this identity design is the way that it caters to the female demographic but makes it a point to  inject a some of Eleanor's personality into the Identity Design through the use of that stark, almost Gothic choice of black! I mean... talk about a lesson in always making it a point to let your personality shine when defining your Personal Brand, because after all, Personal Branding is all about Identifying who you are and cleverly finding ways to best put that across and gain a desired outcome! And this is what this Identity Design has done.

The design is by Graphic Designer Sam Lane of Sam Lane Designs where the he notes that "The logo (of Eleanor Finch Photography), in it’s most simplest form, emphasizes the frame and lens of the camera and the pale pink color was chose not only to represent Eleanor as a person but also to attract more to her female led clients."

The design Comprised of A Logo, Identity, Corporate Typeface and Color Scheme, the result of which, in my opinion, is personal branding genius, because the design cleverly illustrates Eleanor's point of difference by stating outright that she's a "mobile" photographer (unlike some of the other photographers out there) which not only makes her seem so cool and personable, it also identifies her as a niche photographer, thereby creating a strong and identifiable Personal Brand for herself. 
That beautifully illustrated typeface coupled with a very feminine pale pink further identifies who Eleanor is, whilst the clever juxtaposition of that pale pink  against the serious black background that underlies Eleanor's web platforms not only makes  Eleanor's photography business as  a serious contender in the photography business, but it also  makes her quite cool and edgy given her style of photography, which has been beautifully symbolized by the use of a rather textured black background that underlies Eleanor's digital platforms.

I love the way that the typeface is decidedly simple, which  keeps this identity young, uncomplicated,  and exclusively modern. I mean...Talk about a win win in my books, wouldn't you agree?!

To catch the rest of this beautiful work, head over Here.

But in the meantime, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this Identity Design. Did you love it as much as I did?
Let me know!

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