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Meet Annie Lawless, a twenty - something millennial girl  formerly known as a law studies college - drop out, but nowadays  she's known as the Part founder of a multi-million dollar company, Suja, which was inspired by passion and the desire to help people everywhere transform their lives through conscious nutrition. Today, that passion project company now ranks second place in Forbes Most Promising Companies in 2015 with revenues of $42 Million Dollars! Not bad, huh?!
So, one wonders how did this younger twenty - something do it?!
Well... It may or may not have do to with these 5 tips to turn your passion project into a success, in which Ms Lawless states the following wise words regarding  dreams and career goals.

Top Tip Number One

"I would tell anybody who is unhappy in their career or personal life with whatever it may be, do not hesitate or feel bad about changing directions and getting away from circumstances that do not inspire, motivate, and energize you. Life is short and you deserve to be happy, so do whatever it takes to get there! Trust me, it will all work out in the end."

Top Tip Number Two

"Don’t worry about the outcome and focus on the present! Staying connected to your original goal and passion is so important in building an authentic and successful brand. Always remember why you are doing what you’re doing and stay true to that."

Top Tip Number Three

"I’m a big believer that if you love something and want to make it happen, you will find a way."

Top Tip Number Four

"Follow your heart and keep doing the things you love even if you aren’t sure where it’s all going. Living in accordance with your purpose and the things that make you happy will ultimately put you on a path to where you are supposed to be."

Top Tip Numner Five

"Do what excites you,  not what makes you tired
I really do believe that if you love something and are passionate about it, and you let yourself do it and go with the flow and go where your interests are taking you, you will be successful,"

So there you have it! Wise words from a formidable  twenty-something who simply recognized that Law wasn't her path to purpose, and consequently took the brave decision to drop-out of Law School with the sole objective of following her bliss, which, as it turns out, ended up driving her to creating this Multi-million Dollar Company
I mean, I don't know about you, but there is something to be said about doing the thing that makes you happy in spite of how it looks to others and following your passions and the things that make you happy no matter what! And who knows, you doing that might just be the catalyst to finally doing that thing you were born to do, as clearly illustrated by the inspiring Ms Annie Lawless.
I'm definitely inspired, aren't you?!
To catch more of Annie Lawless, head over to her lifestyle blog where she shares her recipes, fashion, and travel interests. otherwise catch  the rest of this article is here

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