Hey you, It's Sunday!

Happy Sunday to you! Hope you're having a fab and chilled day.

So anyway, seeing that it's Sunday - aka  my all time favorite day of the week hands down; I thought that maybe I'd bring you some  of my favorite office trends I've been loving this week, and not to mention happily pinning away on Pinterest!
So I suppose you're wondering," Lindsay, what EXACLY have you been pinning?"

Well,  before I tell you, you gotta promise to bear with me a little bit while I explain the Office Trend I've been pinning on Pinterest.

Okay, here goes... I've been all about the "All Black Everything" Kinda Office Trend!
Now, before you ask: "Lindsay, what in the world is an "All Black Everything" Office?"
allow me to explain...

An "All Black Everything" Kinda Office is the kinda office space where the colour black rules the roost! I mean, Black everywhere! Heavily Featured!
I'm talking Black walls, Black Furniture Pieces, and even accessories. Because... wait for it...  Black rules the roost; metaphorically, of course!
This is the sort of Office Space where You wont find any other colour featuring in it. Well... except maybe for white! But only in small increments - enough to still make the point that black's the star of the show. 
And Yes, I know this sorta office can be perceived as  a tad masculine contrary to my Personal Brand, but.. I JUST LOVE IT! And here's why...
1) Black is a very strong colour. A power colour.

2) Black runs the test of time. It is timeless.

3) Black can conveniently go with everything, or nothing at all, except  itself. i.e. It'll happily look well against any other colour, OR... it can look well ALL BY ITSELF!

Which is why I'm all about the "All Black Everything" Kinda Office because It is unapologetically monochromatic, and that is exactly what makes this sorta space so darn appealing.
And here's the prove for you to feast your eyes upon

For more Office Inspo', Do check Out my Pinterest Board, aptly named "Pretty Little Office" where you'll find some cool office spaces for you to feast your eyes upon.

And don't forget to check back with me tomorrow where I'll be showcasing a stunningly Beautiful Brand Identity Design done right.

So, watch this space!

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