Have you ever noticed how little kids have this intrinsic capacity to dream, to hope and to have these bodacious aspirations as to what they wanna be, do or even achieve when they grow up?!

You ask them: "what do you wanna be when you grow up?" and they'll come up with answers like

"... an Astronaut!"

"... a scientist!"

"... a  doctor!"

or even bizarre answers like

"... a lion, a wizard, or a fairy!"

Because to them, nothing is impossible. They have this intrinsic ability to believe that everything is possible to them.  

And yet when we get a bit older, we somehow seem to lose that ability to believe that : Yes, Everything is Indeed Possible!
We seem to crouch down our dreams in fear of failure. And that's even more so  if we've tried out something once before that ended up not being a success. That, to us, just seems to be the proverbial nail in the coffin. So much so that we then adopt this mindset of only going for the things we sort of know are somewhat achievable. You know, like that job you hate so much but still kept  for the last couple of years, because God-Forbid  you went after your dream job only to fail  at it like you did the last time you tried something new;  right?!

That seems to be our thing - us adults!

We just become so fearful of believing in that vision we've had for our lives for  so long now - in believing that we can have our dream job. We're so afraid of going after that quite, still dream  that we've pretty much had ever since we were kids.
You know what I'm talking about?! That inkling  that you've had ever since you can remember?! The inkling to create, to write stories, to teach, to heal people, help the poor,  to foster kids, to  build an empire - that's the one we're so fearful of believing  that we're more than capable of bringing to fruition!

And do you wanna know why that is???


Because we seem to have lost the child-like art of believing in our dreams, in ourselves, in our capabilities, our strengths, and in our virtues, and instead, we've settled for less than we deserve!

We seem to have forgotten that all things are possible to those who believe!

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We've sold our dreams out to something seemingly more achievable, more doable, and something that'll pay the bills, all in the name of "BEING REAL" and "LIVING IN THE REAL WORLD; am I right?! I mean, why else would you still be doing that job you dislike so much?!

And so, one wonders, "how do you stop this?"

How do you avoid selling out your dreams and settling for a job you don't want just because it appears to be "easy" or "more realistic"?!

Well, for starters, you can:

  • Don't believe those who tell you you can't do it.
  • Keep Believing in your dreams - NO MATTER WHAT!
  • Keep pursuing your dreams - NO MATTER WHAT!
  • Make it a point to do something that'll bring you closer to realising your dream job, either daily, weekly, or monthly. The point is to keep doing something that'll propel you to achieving your dream job.
  • Do NOT believe all the negative thoughts telling you you can't achieve it.
  • Be willing to work hard for your dreams, that includes, being willing to make some sacrifices as you go after your dreams, because as I'm sure you've heard: nothing worth having comes easy.
  • Surround yourself with people who have the mindset to win.
  • And lastly, Just go for it and do it. You'll be surprised of the results you'll get from just going for it.
  • And remember that "All Things Are Possible" if you can just BELIEVE IT, because those who dare to believe dare to win!
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