Today, I'm bringing you a gorgeous  Identity Design for Surup Cafe - a confectionery and café  shop in the city of Hamburg with one of  the most beautiful Brand Identity I've come to see so far, and I'm sure once you see it, you'll have no choice but to agree with me.


Surup Cafe is located in the historic city of Hamburg -  one of the most affluent cities in the whole of Europe that's forever buzzing due to its persona for being a Tourist Destination  for both domestic and overseas visitors.  It  also  ranks  16th in the world for livability in 2015. Which is no wonder the brand identity had to be 'on point' because Surup Cafe is not just located in any city of Germany, it is located in the well-to-do, historically-rich, well-cultured, metropolitan area that has an 88% employment rate  meaning it is bound to attract  a  demographic that is mainly a mix between professionals and tourists. And for this demographic, image is everything!
Where they choose to lunch, shop, or even staycate, is a decision that is reflective of their Personal Brand Identity.


So, given all these facts, the owner and operator of Surup Cafe -  Backerei Happ Chain , a family bakery business founded in 1946 commissioned the massively talented Sergey  Parfenov - a Graphic Designer and creative talent behind this gorgeous Corporate Brand Identity.
Mr Parfenov was commissioned by the family bakery as the  Graphic Designer of choice to bring about the Brand Identity for Surup cafe .
And as it turned out, Mr Parfenov not only designed the logo, but their Identity Design too, which, culminated into this gorgeously articulated Brand Identity; the results being an unapologetically girly Identity Design that it is not only  the epitome of supreme femininity, but, in my opinion,  also a strategically effortless design creation that subtly appeals to the female demographic without being overtly girly, which, I'm sure you can agree that it's pure creative genius!


I mean, what this Identity Design has done is: it has  created a quite simplistic and not to mention, elegant je ne sais quoi  for the café's brand, which, has then cleverly established a niche for the café in the rather saturated cafe/coffee shop market - and   this is purely because of  the elegant delicacy that is the resulting Brand Identity Design, which the decidedly Pink-coloured collateral  has helped foster.

Which  is why,  I would venture out to say what this brand identity has done is creating a massive appeal  specifically towards   the image-conscious, style- driven Millennials with a keen interest in social Status.
This is who this brand appeals to the most.
I mean, heck, if I was living in Hamburg, I'd  most likely be one of those millennials frequenting the cafe myself. I'd be that girl going about her business whilst she proudly holds her perfect shade of pink coloured cup filled with  the best hot beverage around -Tea of course!
I would proudly hold it On my left hand as I delightfully take a  sip from it every-so-often, whilst I absentmindedly update  My Instagram Feed with the beauty that is this Brand Identity Design.

Gorgeous, Right?!
For more information on this beautiful Corporate Brand Identity, visit HERE.

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