You're nearly the age which you thought  by now  you'd be running your own successful design company, or  that you would've graduated from college with your very own proper job, or the age you would've surely written your first novel and perhaps working on your second one, or even the age where maybe you aspired to be married with kids by - but non of that has happened, has it?!

All that has happened is one unfortunate failure after another - Failed jobs. Failed relationships. And even missed opportunities. And it's not  like you didn't try, because God knows you've tried.

You've tried one thing after another  - retail jobs and picking up extra shifts at the bar just so you can pay the rent or pay the fees on time.

You've written scripts only for them to be rejected by publishers.

You've contacted companies and offered to work for free just so that you can get the experience, and  they just wouldn't take you on. And still, even after all your efforts, you failed. It just wasn't enough.

"What now?" - so you thought!

"Perhaps I could get myself a new boyfriend,  a new car, new pair of shoes, new group of friends, or yet another new college course because I'm  hoping that somehow, that will be it - the thing that'll make me feel better about myself and stop me from beating myself up about not yet succeeding?!"

And you did. You got yourself a boyfriend, new shoes, and enrolled in a new college course because the prospectus said the future is now headed to this brand new industry.

But it just wasn't!

And it hurt like crazy!

So then you tried to numb the pain by going clubbing 7 nights a week with your so-called friends, but really, they weren't your friends at all, they were just your drinking-buddies -  also known as your biggest downfall - masked as friends!
Because if they were truly your friends, they wouldn't have left you alone in the club as soon as they found themselves a guy to "hook up with" for the night. They would've at least stuck with you and made sure that you all got a slice of pizza after a fun girl's night out  before you all jumped into a  taxi and headed home together.

Or perhaps you've tried to numb the pain by  jumping into relationships with people whom you new from the get-go that they were bad for - but  you did it anyway,  because you had nothing to loose, right?!

Or perhaps you've tried to numb the pain by having the odd glass of wine in the evening, but now instead of the odd glass, it's now escalated to a full bottle, because you just needed  anything to distract you from the excruciating pain you're feeling inside of realizing that you're not where you thought you'd be by now.
The pain from the voice inside busy telling you - "you've failed. You messed up. You'll never find someone to love you again.  Your degree was a waste because you never even got a job after graduating. He left because you're just not that pretty anymore. Who did you think you were by starting up that failed company anyway?" - All of which are lies by the way!

I'm writing this to let you know that YOU'LL BE OKAY.

You've made mistakes, you've had a failed marriage, gotten pregnant at the age of 16, launched a business that wasn't a success, got yourself connected to people you shouldn't have, or even did some things just so you could spite your annoying parents.

The point is: You've made mistakes which you're still paying for right now.

But we all do - we all make mistakes.

Every single one of us is prone to making mistakes, that's what makes us human. So what you need to know now is:


The reason you're still here, alive, carrying on, fighting for yet another day, holding down two jobs just to feed your family, or even back living with your parents is because there's a story, a reason, a calling on your life for all that you've been through and one day - it may not be tomorrow, or next day, next month, or even next year, but one day, you will wake, look back on your life and say: "Had it not been for God, I don't know were I'd be today." And that'll be the very moment where you'll be using your very own story of failure as reason to encourage others. The moment where it'll all make sense why you had to go through  all that you did because now, you'll be sitting in your office running your very own successful company,

It'll be the moment where it'll all make sense  why you had to break up with that guy because now, you'll be tucking your kids to bed just before you spent time with your husband all happily married in your beautiful new home.

Or the moment where it'll all make sense why your scripts had to rejected by those publishers because  now, you'll be sitting in front of the computer screen writing your second novel,

And it'll all be Thanks to God.

You will live and carry-on and what you've been through will be a testimony to how truly Great God has been to you.


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