Let me ask you this: What do you see when you picture your life?! What is your vision?
What is it that you  incessantly think about, dream of, or fantasize about all day and (possibly) all night too?!
What is that thing that you can't stop thinking about, or are tirelessly working towards, or are thinking of but for some reason, just wont take the leap into making it a reality?
Because whatever it is, did you know what it is already there within the realm of possibility?  But the trick to making it happen  lies in your thinking regarding the vision for your life. As in: do you believe it'll happen for you, or do you not believe?! Because, you see, the  only thing that's standing between you and that vision of yours is your thinking!

You see, I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but this site was born out of a vision - a dream that I had.
And in this vision, I would see:
I see a league of extraordinary women being inspired to live purposeful lives.
I see young women of honor being encouraged to living their lives with virtue
I see YOU- the one reading this article, being motivated to carry-on again - Even though you've tried so many times to succeed at "it" but only ended up failing!
I see a girl daring to hope again - even though nothing in her life seems to be going right.
I see someone being comforted that it'll all be okay eventually!
I see girls and women alike picking themselves up again after yet another failed venture!
I see a tribe of courageous  Gen X and Gen Y women  being motivated to step into their being, and claim their true purpose.
And lastly, I see a community of empowered women faithfully gathering together to share their stories and testimony and realizing that just because your Plan A doesn't work out, it doesn't mean it's the end, it could be a redirection to a greater Plan B, i.e. your true calling!

That's what I see. My dream  for 'Faithfully Me' - amongst the other audacious dreams that I have for this site and my life.

Now... What about you Faithful Reader? What do you see when you picture your life? Your Career? Your relationships? Your financial situation?  et cetera!
It is written, "For the vision awaits an appointed time. It speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it lingers, wait for it. For it will certainly come and will not delay." - Habakkuk 2:3

I'm sure you're reading this thinking: "What does that mean?" Well, simply put, it means whatever it is you're dreaming of,  is already navigating  the realms of possibility; waiting there  for you to bring it forth into your reality.

Because, you know: If you can dream it, you can very well achieve it!

So I dare you to dream the dream so audacious that it kinda terrifies the heck outta you! For what is life without dreams hey?!

So go on and have a dream. Be audacious!

With Faith;

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