Hey Faithful Reader, it's that time of the week again where we meet to talk about  'YOU' - The Brand, and how you can align that brand (i.e. You) in accordance to your new-found life goals and mission. And so we're in the fifth week of our (Re)Brand Yourself Series which brings about the conclusion of the series. If you've missed out on the first four installments of this awesome Personal Branding Series, please make sure you check it out HERE where we talked about  how you can set your goals, how you can aligning your image to your brand, how you can use your story to leverage success in your life, et cetera, et cetera.
Now that we've talked about your image as it relates to your Personal Brand, I thought it would've made sense to address your social media too as it is another  dimension to your overall image , and therefore  has  a huge bearing when it comes to how your Personal Brand  translates to others.
But before we delve into the "How"of this post, let me ask you this:
"Have you ever considered why do millions of people out there use social media?"
Well, one might think that it may be because at the root of it's origins, Social Media has been created and therefore used as a medium to create, share and exchange information and ideas amongst "friends"! But, as of late, social media  has quickly evolved into a medium for the careful construction and cultivation of one's persona -  hence the success  of  platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Google +, and heck, even Twitter!

So being aware of the emergence of  brand-building through social media platforms,  how can you, as someone who wants to mold their overall image and therefore establish a consistent brand, leverage those Social Platforms for a more successful (Re)brand of yourself?!

Well, to be honest with you, it's easier than you'd think! Because think about it, those years that you've spent posting, sharing, and adding to discussions on social media where the very moments that you were creating your brand, albeit at the time, you weren't  aware of it, and you were only joining in on those social platforms to be social and not because you had a desired outcome in mind,  But nonetheless, you were still creating and cultivating a brand. You were formulating an image that resulted in people holding a specific  idea about the sort of person that you are - and that was all based on your social media activity.
For example, when you posted about that sporting event or the major win  that your favorite team had, you were branding yourself as a sport's fan and enthusiast. Or when you posted about about the outfits you were wearing, what your latest find in the stores were, or what was the "it" bag for the season, you were branding yourself as a fashionista.
The point is: All of those bits of information that you shared throughout the medium of social media have lead others to formulating an image about you as it relates to your passions. what you talked about, what you posted, and what you shared on those digital platforms. Are you with me?!
So seeing that you already have a specific persona that you have been cultivating for many years now, and that people in your circles have associated you with  for quite some time now, I bet you're siting there wondering: "Well, how am I gonna be able to use my already existing social networks to (Re)Brand Myself? seeing that everyone knows me for previous endeavors and not necessarily for what I aim to achieve in my life henceforth - which is completely DIFFERENT to what I was all about before!"
Don't you worry, the answer lies in these five steps below!

  • STEP 1:

Well, you gotta clean house! And by that I mean, anything or anyone that is in direct or indirect conflict with what you're trying to do for yourself and your future has got to go! And I know that what I'm about to say is really really harsh, BUT it's necessary. So here it is:  You gotta Delete, Block or Hide them off of your social circles because you want to create a space where  not only  will  you be of value to those that are lucky enough to be associated with you digitally, but you also want to be appreciated for your efforts and therefore build authentic rapport. Because for you to carry out a successful (Re)Brand of Yourself, it is going to be highly important that you create a space that is conducive to you living-out your full potential and not have to worry about what everyone will think about what you're doing now, because in their opinions, "its not really you!"  So if it means deleting your already existing following and being down to zero then so be it! Because that way you'll have a clean slate to work from and therefore attract the kind of following that will  not only breed comradery  but also one that will add value to whatever it is that you're on a mission to creating! Do you get me?!

  • STEP 2:

Go back to basics and grow-back your following. And you do this my BEING SOCIAL! That's why it's called social media after all! And how do you become social? Well, that's what step 3 is all about.

  • STEP 3:

'Like' , favorite, or +1 the stuff that resonates with you. But ONLY the stuff that resonates with you and is interlinked to what ever it is you're trying to achieve by (Re)Branding Yourself.
Anything that seems to speak  true to your values and reason for  (Re)Branding Yourself is exactly the kinda stuff you ought to focus on. Because not only will it successfully formulate your brand digitally, but it will also attract those that speak the same language as you - metaphorically speaking of course!

  • STEP 4:

Follow with purpose. And by that I mean: only follow people that you will learn from, admire, or are somewhat doing what you're trying to achieve - hence the word 'follow'. Because you may not be aware of this, but who you follow says a lot without you realizing. Hence the saying: "You will know who they are through the company they keep!" So be selective when it comes to following people, But for goodness' sake, DON'T BE A SNOB about it! There's a fine line!

So there you have it! That's the conclusion of this series!

I hope that throughout this series, I've been able to show you that you too can create a successful (Re)Brand of Yourself by consciously going about changing what you've been known for all along into what you now aspire to be known for with the sole purpose of differentiating yourself from your counterparts and therefore achieving a desired end!
And I hope that  this Series has helped you as much as it is (still) helping me. But if you're only reading this for the first time, well, fear not, the rest of the series is available HERE for you to catch-up on. Otherwise, I'll be here next week as I'll be teaching you The 5 Most Important Questions To ask As You (Re)Brand Yourself.
So, see you then!

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