So I've just read this post about beauty on The Tig  (do check it out, its one of my favourite blogs!)
Anyway, so the post was about this book called 'What Pretty Girls Are Made Of' by Lindsay Jill Roth.
At face value, this book appears to be  about the life of a girl who is really going through "it" both in her work and personal life and is pretty-much trying to find her way. But when you really dig deep,  The book is about how we've misinterpreted   the definition of beauty by thinking that in order  to be pretty you need to look PERFECT IN EVERY WAY - from your hair, your nails, skin, outfit, down to your shoes, which, unfortunately, has resulted  in an unwarranted  self-critical exercise that us girls go through each morning and night only to end up making ourselves feeling miserable because somehow, we can never truly hit the mark in the beauty stakes because we can never get our hair to look just right, or we can't seem to perfect the eye-liner flick -  yes we've all been there! and somehow that's enough to make us feel 'unpretty'.

Which is why i think that this book is a 'MUST READ' because we really ought to  re-define beauty which, thankfully, Lindsay Jill Roth has done by  inadvertently opening  up the much needed conversation on how we define beauty by highlighting the fact that our definition has been non other than  an equivalent of self-hate because we sadly fail to love and appreciate the real us.

Sad, I know! Because what we've failed to realise is that beauty is not something we can define superficially, but rather, it is about our each unique attributes which make us who we  are.
It's about our virtues, our will to fight another day. Our intelligence; what we're good at; what we enjoy  doing; what brings us happiness, and drives us to do that which we do so well! That's where our beauty is, which is rather antithetical to how we've been defining our beauty thus far.

So Ms Roth, I thank you for redefining and putting another spin  on what #PrettyIs because instead of absentmindedly rating my self-worth based on how I look, I am now wise enough to know that my #PrettyIs not dependent on my looks, but thankfully, it intrinsically lies within the girl I've always been all along , way before I ever felt the need to cover my acne scars with  that foundation  or change the texture of my thick afro hair just so that I can somehow look westernized and not  so ethnic. So for that, I thank you!

I now know that when I ask myself:

"Am I pretty?", that question should extend beyond my superficial, and it should in fact mean to say: 

"Am I kind?"...
"Am I Daring?"...
"Am I Creative?"...
"Am I Innovative?"...
"Am I doing the best i can as a mother and as a wife?"
"Am I Diligent?"...
"Courageous?", Or...

It should mean: "Can I cut myself enough slack because I haven't had the chance to wash my hair because I'm busy being a new mum to my new baby-girl? Am I kind enough to forgive myself for not having the house SUPER CLEAN because I've had a million and one things to do today? And most importantly, do I love myself even after my body is no longer what it used to be because I'm now getting older and child-birth wasn't so kind to my body?"

So surely when I now ask myself: "Do I look pretty?", the answer should, AND will  be a resounding "YES"!!! Because I don't know about you, but I've come to realise that when I do embrace my passions, my joys, and my loves; that this amazing girl - my altar ego if you will, just comes out, and I gotta tell you, she's pretty spectacular!
She's creative, intelligent, and has more hope. She dares to dream again even though her previous dreams haven't quite panned-out as yet. She keeps the faith - again! She's wittier, exuberant, and loves life.
She's a creator - be it creating a home for herself and new family, or creating this very own blog.
That's where her  beauty lies, and that's what makes me feel stunningly beautiful!

How about you???

What makes you feel stunningly beautiful???

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