I'm launching a series on Personal Branding  because it has occurred to me that sometimes your best laid plans don't work-out for one reason or the other.
And instead of  succumbing to my past unsuccessful ventures, I've instead been lead to  discovering what it is I intend to do with my life now that my Plan A hasn't panned-out like I had previously anticipated.

You see, my Plan A, aka being a super successful Architectural Designer didn't quite work out, and I know it's because that there's  a reason for that - one being:  it simply wasn't my calling in life. And although I've spent about 8 years preparing to be an Architectural Designer by going to college and acquiring work experience where and when I could - all in the middle of the recession, for some reason, I just couldn't make that into a career. And I do have some days were it kinda sucks realizing that my dream hasn't quite panned-out, but one thing that always reassures  me is that: my passions and interests are, and will always  be the guiding force towards that which I was born to do. I just have to be in tune with whatever that  may be. Which has helped me a great deal, because since actively trying to be in-tune with my passions just so that I  could figure  out what I can do with my life, I've since realized that,
A) I LOVE giving advice to people;
B) I LOVE writing & design; and
C) I absolutely LOVE encouraging people,
And I've  realized that's something I've always done without being aware of it. In fact, encouraging others is the  very thing that makes it so easy for me to connect to a person. I just love it!

So ever since that realization, I've been on a mission to figure out how I can work that into a career, and I realized that in order to do so, I had to (RE)Brand Myself from what I was previously known for, i.e. An Architectural Design Graduate, into what I now want to do and be known for, i.e. my purpose and future career. And that is how 'Faithfully Me' was born!

So, my mission with this (Re)Brand Yourself Series is to hopefully show you how you can pick yourself up after a failed Plan A, and go about achieving your newly formed Plan B  by simply changing  your method of doing things, your mindset, and  what you've been known for.

So if you wanna jump right in,  HERE's where you can first start learning how to do so through successful Goal Setting.

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