Name it!
Because if you can name it, you can very well achieve it!
  • Goals help us define what's important to us. We wouldn't be determined to achieve something if we didn't set goals. 
  • Goal-setting is especially crucial on helping our minds to focus on achieving a specific task for us, especially if a goal is perceived to be quite challenging, because the way our brains work is: the harder it is, the bigger the reward! And That's why goal setters are always high achievers.
  • Goals are the guiding force towards achieving what we desire. Without a goal, the brain doesn't really have a clear direction as to what it should be doing or working towards. Which is why most of the time, if you don't have a goal, you'll find yourself having a series of uncompleted tasks, and wonder: "What was I doing all this time? Where did the time go?" And the reason behind that was: there was never any clear mission to achieve in the first place.
So if you want to successfully set clear achievable goals,  remember to apply these principles of goal-setting:

A goal has to be clear. The clearer the goal, the clearer the path to achieving it.

Break it down into measurable tasks, that way, it becomes a little easier to work and achieve it. Because the more we see ourselves winning at tiny tasks, the easier it becomes for us to be motivated into staying focused and achieving our bigger goals.

Set a date or timeline on which to achieve the goal by. That way, you'll be creating a momentum when working toward your goal.

Stay committed. 

Make sure the goal is in-line with your mission and (Re)Branded Self.

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