Now that you've already set up your goals, do you know what your strategy is in terms of achieving those set goals???

What are you prepared to do in order for you to achieve those goals?
This is something that you have to figure our because in order for you to see your newly formed Plan come to fruition, you have to determine what it is you're prepared to do in seeing this plan work. You have to be clear in your mind as to what it's gonna take for you to get there.

So, how will you set out a method by which  you intend to go about achieving your stated goals?

Well, it honestly depends on the arena on which you intend to (Re)Brand Yourself. For example,
Do you wish advance yourself in your current job and therefore need a few pointers?
Or... Are you planning-on switching careers? In which case, a (Re)Brand of Yourself  from what you were known for into what you now aspire to be is necessary?!
Or... Are you planning on venturing out on your own by way of setting up a small business? Because If one pf these applies to you, I have 3 Scenarios for you to consider as strategies - dependent on the arena on which you intend to carry a (Re)Brand of Yourself within. See below:

This is were you're the girl who's  eager to advance herself in her current job with the intention of being taken seriously in her position and consequently climbing that elusive career ladder. Well may I suggest the following as a strategy:

  • Arriving to work early/on time.
  • Adopting Company culture
  • Presenting yourself in a professional manner -  be it through your appearance, your attitude and behavior definitely in your Social Media conduct.
  • Offer to contribute at company meetings. This is not only great for your chance to learn, but it's also a strategic way to shine the light on yourself and get on your superior's radar. That way, when you do deliver on your brilliant contributions, you will be the first they remember when it comes to promoting someone,
  • And lastly, attend company outings. This is a great way to get to know your counterparts and superiors in a much calmer setting. Also, this is another clever way to show how serious you are about your job but without sounding like you're networking for that next promotion.
This is for where you're intending to switch careers. In which case, I'll suggest the following strategy:

  • Research the industry which you want to join and get to know the latest trends, what-to-do's and what-not-to-do's, et cetera.
  • Join industry groups and participate in them. This will give you an opportunity to learn a few things, PLUS, it will help you make valuable connections.
  • I found that joining industry groups on social media worked for me. So I would definitely recommend Twitter - it's great for socializing with like-minded people. And Google+ is pretty great too, because you can create your own circles in it. 
This is were you intend to go off on your won and set your own business. Then, in this scenario I'll suggest that you first read Scenario 2 above, and then carry-on with the following  strategy:

  • If you need a business plan as a means to gain funds for your new venture, Write a killer/captivating business plan - one that will make it hard for anyone to decline your ideas
  • Most importantly, do your research. Find out what's happening in your market.What is everyone doing? Because if you can find that out, it'll be easier for you to do the following:
    1. Finding out what your point of difference is;
    2. Setting a detailed plan on how you intend to maintain your competitive edge once you're set up.
    3. Finding ways to establish yourself as an authority within the industry you now see yourself pursuing. The thing to do these days is to set up a blog where you can establish yourself as a thought-leader within a specific subject. Or you could either write an E-Book or host free webinars - which will be  great way to establish yourself as someone to watch out for!
  • Leverage your transferable skills from your previous career into your new one. And if possible, ask your previous colleagues and former clients  to endorse these transferable skills - that way, you get to look more legit.
  • And lastly, find a thought-leader in your industry and find ways to connect with them. You could try using Social Media as a means to connect with them, which will be a strategic plan, because once they connect back to you, your profile will be raised as a result.
  • After that, you could determine what it is you're gonna do a 1000% better than your future competitors. And this is what I heard regarding being better than your competitors: "Having a niche is a surefire way to differentiate yourself from your future competitors right from the get-go!"
So... There you have it!
I hope this has given you a few ideas regarding how you're gonna achieve those goals of yours.
If you've missed Part 1 of the Series, make sure you check it out HERE. Otherwise, I'll see you back here this time next week for Part 3 of the (Re)Brand Yourself Series.

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