The Millennial Women - aptly defined as that generational cohort born between 1980 and 1995.
The ones that saw the birth of Bebo, Facebook, & Twitter, and the revolutionary inventions of Steve Job's ipod, iphone, and the ipads.
Those are the millennials!

The one's that resiliently rode the wave of the biggest economic downturn we've come to know of, and somehow, are still determined to make something of ourselves in spite of there being a lack of opportunities the minute we  graduated from college.

Their the ones who are actively working to close the gender wage gaps that have pretty much been prevalent since the dawn of the "working woman."

We are that generation of women courageously taking-on multi-faceted roles as wives, mothers, AND career women because we intuitively recognize that there's more to being a woman than the gender bias roles traditionally associated with being a woman.

I'm talking about the generation brave enough to shine a spotlight on what it's really like to be a 'Twenty something' girl through TV Shows like 'Girls' - a popular HBO TV Series created by Lena Dunham.

We are that generation that, instead of agreeing with statements like: "...Oh, they're the lost generation"  we, instead,  need to be immensely proud of ourselves. And here's why:

1/6 We are the ones willing to carve out our own paths to success & happiness since the old traditional route of "go to school, get a degree,  walk into a job,  get married, then have kids, and live happily ever after," simply doesn't hold that much appeal to us anymore. So instead, we're busy carving out non-linear paths to self-fulfillment.

2/6 We are the highly ambitious cohort with the belief that we can achieve our dreams, and we are! Just have a look at the likes of Mindy Kaling, Lena Dnhunam, Taylor Swift, and amazing female entrepreneurs like Erin Baloch, Reshma Chattaram Chanberlin, Kelsey Falter, et cetera. They're all making it happen.

3/6 We value our independence. And heck, we're doing anything to maintain it!

4/6 We are the highly educated bunch in comparison to our predecessor - The Generation X.

5/6 Which is why: Not any other job will do for us. We have been known to give up our regular 9 to 5 grind just so that we could actively carve out our own career opportunities  for ourselves that are not only meaningful to us, but  have the capacity to make a difference in our community, environment, and even the world at large. As illustrated by so many amazing bloggers today!

6/6 We are the ones lovingly rocking our newborns to sleep all the while typing out our latest blog posts on our Samsung S5's or iPhones  because we have a deadline to meet.

That's us! "The Generation Y's." "The Millennials." "The Net Generation."

We should be proud!

I know I am.

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  1. Even though I'm not in this age group. I totally can relate and this is why I love being a small business owner. I love when I get to change the little world around me and still have the flexibility to spend time with my family as well. Your article is spot on! Thanks for giving millennial women a voice.

  2. What an inspiring post! I love how independent women are these days - we really can do anything.

  3. Hell yes to all of this! I love it.

  4. I am proud to be a hustler, but I can't help but think it's because of the previous generations that we have to hustle so hard... why everyone has to have a side hustle, because their aren't any long term jobs with a pension like their used to be. I do like your idea to own it!

  5. I am SO PROUD to be from this generation!!