Am I right in saying that I know you want more than what you've been dealt with (in life) at the moment?! Because otherwise, why else would you be  reading this in the first place?!

Am I also right in  guessing that you've been doing things a certain way for quite some time now, but never truly getting the outcome you want, or even deserve - like that job you missed-out on, or that promotion you got overlooked-on, or even that nice guy you know he likes you, but somehow he just won't commit?!

If so, may I suggest changing the way you've been doing things up until now?! You know... like (Re)Branding Yourself ?!

And what I  mean by that is: just consciously go about changing what you've been known for all along into what you now aspire to be known for with the sole purpose of differentiating yourself from your counterparts and achieving a desired end.

Simply put, just change the trajectory of your story in order to achieve the happy ending you desire. And let's be honest, who doesn't want a happy ending?!

So... yes - just in case you weren't aware: You're a Brand! And whether you realize it or not, you've been cultivating this brand since you became accountable for the things you do, or don't do!

Think about it this way: that Facebook picture of you drinking from a keg while being held upside-down was you branding yourself as a party-girl!

Or those numerous times you arrived in work late was you branding yourself as undependable.

Or  the time you decided to "hook-up" with your best-friend's boyfriend was you branding yourself as disloyal!

Simply put: you have a Personal Brand, and that personal brand is what you've been known for all along, and (un)fortunately, this is directly/or indirectly the reason why things either worked out for you in the past or why they didn't.

And if mostly, things didn't quite work out so well, here's the good bit:  you are totally capable  of changing this and achieving the results you desire, if not deserve!

And I'm here to show you how to do it:

        1. FIRSTLY
Own up to it! 
Own up to your past mishaps,  that way, no one can ever use it against you, Just say: "Yes! I did that. But I'm willing to change and do better this time."
Because doing that will show that you mean business and it'll earn you back the respect you may have previously lost.

       2. SECONDLY
Make  a decision to change. Because here's the good bit: The only person who has  the power and dexterity to  change the trajectory of your life is YOU!  So if you can first decide to do things differently, then you'll be half-way there to actually DOING THINGS DIFFERENTLY!

      3. THIRDLY
Be committed  to your decision to change. Seriously! Don't decide to do one thing only to not follow-through with it. That'll just show a lack of integrity on your part, and nobody likes that.

     4. FOURTHLY:
And probably most importantly, Forgive yourself and then seek forgiveness where necessary. Because then you won't be so guilt-ridden and you can truly give yourself the chance to be  the person who you see yourself being!

Because if truth be told: each and everyone of us has messed-up at one point or another, but there's no reason why those mishaps and momentary lapse in judgement should ever detain us from living the life we aspire to live and being happy.

So go ahead and implement these 4 steps and see the change you desire, but before you do, read about the benefits of (Re)Branding Yourself HERE



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