Ever heard of the saying:
"In order to change yourself, you first need to change the way you've been doing things"?!
Well I couldn't agree with it more because if we're being honest with ourselves, you can't expect change if we don't implement a few changes in how we've been doing things, be it getting up early to work on your novel, foregoing that chocolate bar in order to loose those extra pounds, or not watching hours of netflix, and instead, learning a new skill.

I mean it sort of makes sense to be honest, because otherwise, if you're doing the same old stuff, what you end up with is: being stuck in the monotonous loop of the same actions that are ultimately breading the same results! Which is were Personal (Re)Branding comes in - provided you want to see new results!

But first let me explain what the term implies:

Personal (Re)Branding is what I've personally defined as an act of consciously going about changing what you've been known for all along into what you now aspire to be known for.
It is the willful act of changing the way you did things before now with the sole purpose of differentiating yourself from your counterparts and thereby achieving a desired end.

Simply put, it is when you purposefully decide to go into work an hour early and work on your proposal because you're passionate about your work, or going out of your way and volunteering to do something nice for someone because you value human well-being, or being mindful of only putting up information about design, or marketing, or even architecture on all your social media platforms because they are synonymous with your work.
All of these are little acts that equate to the formulation of your own brand, i.e. what you're known for and what people say about you when you're not there.

And once you've successfully formulated your Personal (Re)Brand that, you can expect these tremendous benefits:

     1. It can create opportunities for you where there was none!

     2. It can leverage your personal traits and attributes to get what you want.

     3. It can distinguish you as the real deal among your counter parts

     4. It keeps your intentions in line with your desired end result.

     5. And my personal favorite: (Re)Branding yourself can establish a clean slate for you on which to start all over again.

If  I've missed any more benefits of (Re)Branding Yourself, please comment below and let me know.

Me - Lindsay:)

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