I know you're dying to know those methods to succeed like a pro, but before we delve into that, it might interest you to know that YOU CAN BE, AND CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT - provided it's in line with your skills, attributes, and your life purpose!

And most importantly, it is very much possible to pick yourself up after a few failures and do something completely new even, and in spite of not succeeding at your previous endeavors - just as I had explained in this previous article on success HERE .

So, if, like me, you've tried a few things before and never quite got it right, like go to college, earn a degree, only to not find a job afterwards because you graduated smack-bang in the middle of the recession, or you've been a stay-at-home-mum for a few years now and you'd like to get back to the work place but you haven't got the necessary requirements yet, well, fear not, because you can totally achieve those goals of yours, and I'm here to show you how:

      1. FIRSTLY:
Determine what it is you want to achieve - is it a new job, a new career, or a new relationship?

      2. SECONDLY:
And most importantly, write it down.
Because by you writing it down, you are making it official to yourself, plus you're putting it out to the universe that this is your intention. And therefore, this thereby becomes the template on which to go by.

      3. THIRDLY:
Describe what that looks like to you.
If your intention is to get a new job, write down exactly what having a new job looks like.
For me, since my Plan A of being an Architectural Designer didn't work out so well, my intention has now become to get a new job, and this is what that looks like to me:

" In my new job, I am the Founder and Publisher of a Self-Development blog focusing on encouraging women reach their highest potential while also providing them with motivational articles - some of which are inspired by my own life, just so that I can pretty-much  motivate them into knowing that there's a reason why things didn't work out the first time, and that's why if Plan A doesn't work out, there's always Plan B, aka your purpose - which life soon reveals to you.
And because of this, I have now created a social hub in which women are now linking-up in order to be empowered, inspired, and motivated to gain their potential and hearts' desires."

NOTE how I have described what my job looks like in the present tense and also in the first person, because I've written this as I see and envision it, because I'm a firm believer  that:
If you can see it, then you can achieve it! {Tweet This}

Or, if your intention is finding a new relationship, then you could describe it like this:

"I am deeply  and madly in love with the most thoughtful, kind, and inspiring man I've ever known.
He treats me with respect and he never stops making me laugh.
We go on hiking trips together and I cook him breakfast at the weekends.
We both enjoy cinema trips  and we value the time spent together."

Also note how I've also written this in the present tense too.

Or, if your intention is becoming a better friend, then you could write:

" I am a loyal friend to my friends and I keep all our plans to meet up. I never bail on plans - ar least not without a legitimately good reason.
I always return phone calls and read my watsapp messages.
I am mature and loyal enough to never go out with my friends' exes."

NOTE: This has also been written in the present tense and first person.

So now that you get the picture, I'm gonna leave you with this question:

What do you wanna do with your life now that Plan A hasn't worked out???

(NOTE: If you can't seem to figure it out, you may wanna read this article.)

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